Jalabhishekam to the living Serpent on the ocassion of Nag Panchami !!


Kapu: On the occasion of Nagar Panchami, an incident of water anointing to a living cobra took place in Kapu.

Govardhan Bhatt, a resident of Majur near Kapu, celebrated Nagar Panchami this time on Tuesday 2nd of August by offering water ablution to a living cobra snake that was being nursed at his house and then lit a lamp and celebrated Nag Panchami.

Govardhan Bhatt is an electrician by profession and also does catering. His favorite pastime is to bring cobras that have been in a life-or-death condition after an accident for the past 20 years, give them proper treatment and release them back into the wild when they are fully recovered.


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